Thursday, September 24, 2009

It is great to be alive!

It is great to be alive, originally uploaded by seaparents.

After spending four magnificent days in Yelapa, we had to make our way back to civilization. Days in our beautiful little cove consisted of homeschool, swimming, playing in the waterfall, and watching dolphins at sunset. As you can see this was hard to leave, but we have to watch the weather this time of year. No internet in cozy Yelapa means we must head back to the connected world.
We are going to have lots of wonderful guest visiting this next month, so I think we will just have to share our little paradise with each of them. It gives us an excuse to go back:)

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A word from the girls

Samantha- We are in Mexico right now. We have been here for about a month and only have had one over night. Today we are siting in the canal playing with caterpillars. We saw a crocodile about two weeks ago in the marina. It was about ten feet long. It was sitting on a rock. I thought that any second it could come up and grab me. I know that they had said they are not as bad as the ones in Australia, but I was still scared. Almost every time we go out on the boat we see a dolphin or a sea turtle or both. I am so excited to leave the canal and go on a big adventure! (mom's thought- that this is part of the adventure:)

Ashley-We went to Yelapa. It was fun. We found a orange caterpillar here at the canal. We went on a lot of boat rides, it was fantastic. I love our boat!!!!!

Emily- It is very fun in Mexico. We saw one crocodile, it was cool. I loved it a lot. We see a lot of dolphins. Our boat is so cool. I love going on boat rides. It is so fun.