Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boating with Papa

Boating with Papa, originally uploaded by seaparents.

Hello All,

The dream lives on! We are in the midst of some crazy boat work. First, we decided to install solar panels and I am slowly learning that in Mexico, everything gets done tomorrow. We have been here for over three weeks now and a "two week install" is nearing its end. While in the middle of a sailing lesson (yes, me actually paying attention) the sail was very hard to raise. It turns out that the headboard car (the one that attaches to the top of the sail) had begun losing ball bearings. Thankfully, we were back at the dock when it actually seized up. Four days and a sore wallet later the part came UPS and we are back in business. We have been busy tracing hoses and wires, rebedding hatches, trying to find to find the solution to a small leak, and replacing smelly toilet hoses. My dad has been with us at the boat for a week now and we have only managed one day out on the water, but hopefully, we will be heading to the south of the bay to a place called Yelapa for a couple of overnights on the anchor (our first!). We plan on leaving no later than Tuesday since my dad will be returning with our car on Friday. I hope everyone is well and we will continue with the photos and blog updates when we are able.