Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arizona-June and July 2009

We are now in Arizona for the summer, yes that's right the summer. The days are averaging 100 degrees, which is cool for this time of year. I am loving the heat, but Troy and the girls are not embracing it . Time here is going fast, so soon we will have waves lapping at our side. Can't wait:)

Emily's thoughts- It is very hot here. we all are doing good. we are working very hard on this house, it is my Grandma's. the only reason why we came is to fix the house. I am helping a lot.

Ashley's thoughts- me, my mom, my dad and Emily and Sam are in Arizona. it is fun here.I wonder if it is fun in China or Maine? We have to fix my moms grandmas house. Anyway I love Arizona.

Sam's thoughts- I love it here in Arizona and it is really close to everything. For example we walk to the park sometimes. It is an hour earlier here which means I get to go to bed later. The other day we went to go see our great grandma. We are here because my moms mom got her house back and it was trashed and my dad and some other guys are here to fix it. In the front there is a pond and in the pond are some fish. Every morning me and my sisters feed the fish. There is this one fish and it is two feet long and it is around twenty years old and,every time we feed the fish it only comes up once or twice. It comes up slowly and rushes down really fast. I LOVE IT HERE IN ARIZONA!