Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello Real World

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since the last post, so I figured I better give a thorough update. We have had three sets of wonderful guests, all with their own little personalities. First, to our friend Melissa, we miss you and hope you join us again soon. Now, however, I have to tell all the rest of you that Melissa's stomach did not agree with the boat very well. We had barely cleared the breakwater when Melissa began to feel a little queasy. She was a trooper and we made it to Yelapa, but not without incident. We had no sooner reached our picturesque little hideaway, when Brady says, with a surprising amount of calmness, "why won't the sail come down?" What do I look like a seasoned sailor? The sail was stuck all the way up. This meant that Brady and her huge muscles were going to have to hoist me up the mast to see what was up (besides the waves and wind). I was going to secure us at our mooring ball and then go up when, as I turned the boat around, there was a loud bang and a shower of ball bearings. At least I didn't have to go up the mast now as the headboard car broke completely free (glass half full :) This put a major damper on our sailing as we have to replace the part that I replaced two months ago by the way. The company that sold me the part is supposed to replace everything free of charge, but three weeks later, we are still not sailing. Bad news aside, my Mom was the next guest to visit with my step dad, hereinafter known simply as Dan, in tow. (I love you Mom and we all miss you. Next time bring a stronger stomach and clothes for two weeks :) They managed to clear customs with our watermaker, which made it back from a month long, very expensive repair. We had hoped to sail them to Yelapa, but thankfully we have two engines. For you guys out there who are wondering why we only go to Yelapa, a brief explanation. It is hurricane season and we are very secure on a private dock. We have taken many day sails, but we have to be at a secure dock/anchorage/mooring ball each night. Our options are La Cruz (anchorage 1 hour North), Punta de Mita (anchorage 4-5 hours North, but with very uncooperative winds), our dock, and Yelapa (mooring balls 3-5 hours South). We usually choose Yelapa, because it is only accessible by water and has a very authentic feel along with the "cascada" (waterfall). There are many trails for walking/hiking and a great beach. Anyway, we motored with my mom, who was feeling a bit under the weather by the time we arrived. She did not want to brave the boat overnight, but found a great little ocean side palapa with a boulder in the bathroom. This was the apparent selling point for Dan. Their trip was only four days, so we motored back the following morning, with no seasickness for anyone (woohoo!) We did the touristy thing in downtown PV and bon voyage to my Mom. We expected Brady's sister Kara two days later, but good thing we checked, they arrived the following day. I am not sure what day it is now come to think of it (cool!). Kara brought the boyfriend (Seattle fireman Ron) and daughter Maia for a week long stay. Guess where we went. Motoring to Yelapa, Brady and I had a revelation. Thank god none of us get seasick (yet). For each of our visitors, there has been someone that got sick. We're not talking 12' waves and 25 knot winds here people. Imagine your local pool only larger and with no kids and you will get a feel for the sailing/motoring conditions. Now in Melissa's case, a funny sidebar. At the mooring ball on our first night, probably the worst night we have had in terms of boat motion, everyone went to bed. Brady, the kids and I have had no problems sleeping, no matter the motion of the boat. My concern always lies with the security of the boat. I will wake up several times just to check that the boat is where we put it. I did this in Yelapa that night and when I went up the stairs to the kitchen, there sat Melissa bolt upright with a bottle of wine in hand and a green look on her face. Surprised, I said "what are you doing"? She responded, "I can't sleep". I looked out the window and said, "OK then, see you in the morning". What a jerk I am. Sidebar aside, 9 year old niece, Maia, was the next seasick victim. She did a little better on Dramamine and we stayed 3 beautifully calm nights (two that Kara remembers:) in Yelapa. It was a very relaxing trip and we enjoyed having Kara, Ron and Maia as our guests. We really hope that our slew of visitors continue as the fun is only just beginning. I have since our last post had to repair the RPM sending unit on the port engine, replace the diesel tank gaskets, remove the leaky hot water heater, install a single sideband radio (spoke with someone in South Carolina yesterday), re-install the watermaker, and homeschool the kids (pretty fun and easy by the way). Today, I contacted a welder to modify our broken sail car in the hopes of having a temporary fix. I am still holding out hope that the U.S. company that sold us the prior car will come through on it's promise, but we must press on. Willson, wherever you are, I may need you to fabricate something for me, so you are on notice :) The plan is to stick around here until our friend Todd visits at the end of November (maybe my Dad too!). I might need you (Todd) to bring us some stuff, so you are on notice as well! After that, we head South. We will sail by day and be some place safe by night (for you moms). We are on the no plan plan so let us know if you want to visit and we can wait someplace cool. Sorry about the el flayko on the el bloggo, but we might try harder in the future :) Ta-ta for now landlubbers!

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