Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to Mexico

Checking it all out, originally uploaded by seaparents.

The New Life

Getting to Mexico went well, everything stayed on the car and we did not have any major hitches. The first day we wound up driving 18 hours, I know, Troy is a mad man behind the wheel. Also, we had a very hard time finding a hotel, we found garages that you sleep in your car, but hotels were much harder to locate. The second day was quick and easy, only 5 hours, much more manageable.
Since we have been here we have easily slipped into Mexican life. SLOW DOWN is the theme. We are learning that everything happens tomorrow, if you are a person who wants something done today you are out of luck. Thankfully we have nowhere that we have to be, so today we will sail. Speaking of sailing, we had a wonderful trip out into the bay yesterday. We were visited by a group of dolphins and I even got to see a sea turtle. I don't think one can see too many dolphins in life. They are so elegant and graceful in the water.
We did have one mishap, Ashley had to get stitches in her chin yesterday. She was jumping into a pool and hit the side with her chin. Not fun. I think she handled it like a champ, I did not do so well.
We have lots to learn and many exciting days ahead of us doing so. I am having a BLAST. -Brady