Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Canopy covered tour, originally uploaded by seaparents.

Leaving Tenacatita

As I sit and reflect on our wonderful stay in Tenacatita I am greeted by a mother and baby humpback whale. What a fitting departure from our amazing time in this quite beautiful bay. The last few days we had heard the whales song as we swam, not knowing they were only miles away. Tenacatita was not only a pretty setting with whales, it was new friendships, soccer/volleyball games on the beach, great snorkeling with the kids, long nights of watching stars, and of course homeschool. We even had a sleep over for the kids with Mackenzie from Ohana. It was hard to leave the new friends behind. Everywhere we go I want to take everyone with us. “Come on, don’t you want to go to Costa Rica. It looks so amazing,” I cry in hopes that all will follow. (AKA Ohana:) But, it was time to head south to make sure we are out of the hurricane zone before the next season begins. I was told that Tenacatita was an incredible, but I could not imagine how great it would be until I spent two weeks there. Thank you everyone that we got to know. We will miss you lots.
OK on a less serious side. This boat life ROCKS!!!!! I am so glad that all of you non- boaters do not know how freakin’ cool this life is because then the anchorages will be packed. Selfish I know, but I don’t think that this would be as fun with thousands of people at every beach.
Minute by minute up date- We are now motor sailing into Barra de Navidad. I say motor sailing, but I should restate that with MOTORING. Anyway, the water as we enter is filled with jelly fish and snakes. Fun, I can’t wait to go swimming. I have heard Barra is not somewhere we are going to want to stay long unless we spring for the $150 a night slip at the dock. Other than that I was told lots of bugs, a nasty lagoon and now the snakes and jelly fish. Good times. We are going to try out the anchorage outside the lagoon at Melaque, so we will keep you posted. I am going to use Troy as the test dummy for jelly fish and snake since he thinks they don’t look that bad. According to Troy jelly fish are only bad if they are BIG.
Your crazy adventurer friend, Brady