Saturday, September 5, 2009

A word from the girls

Samantha- We are in Mexico right now. We have been here for about a month and only have had one over night. Today we are siting in the canal playing with caterpillars. We saw a crocodile about two weeks ago in the marina. It was about ten feet long. It was sitting on a rock. I thought that any second it could come up and grab me. I know that they had said they are not as bad as the ones in Australia, but I was still scared. Almost every time we go out on the boat we see a dolphin or a sea turtle or both. I am so excited to leave the canal and go on a big adventure! (mom's thought- that this is part of the adventure:)

Ashley-We went to Yelapa. It was fun. We found a orange caterpillar here at the canal. We went on a lot of boat rides, it was fantastic. I love our boat!!!!!

Emily- It is very fun in Mexico. We saw one crocodile, it was cool. I loved it a lot. We see a lot of dolphins. Our boat is so cool. I love going on boat rides. It is so fun.