Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am so exited to go on the big adventure! It will be my new life. I can not wait to wake up and see the dolphins along the side of our boat and the whales underneath
. My life will be so happy and exiting and my life will be a big adventure.
Samantha Medina

Hi my name is Ashley and I'm so happy for our big adventure. I know what we are going to see, we are going to see whales and sea turtles. We are going to see Everything as a big happy family.

by Ashley

I am going to miss my class a lot. I am glad we are going on a boat. I would like to see a sea turtle and whale. It would be so cool if we see all of those things. The boat looks good. I' m glad we are going to see the class before we leave.

Emily Medina