Friday, July 24, 2009


We go on the boat in four days. I am glad all of us are. I want to go on the boat now. The boat will be fun I know it. We go swimming a lot here. We play in the sprinkler too, we do other things too.


I can't wait to get down to Mexico or wait to see the boat. I have been waiting and waiting the whole time we have been here to leave. Every night I say to my dad why can't we leave right now. The car ride is going to be two days long and I hope I do not get bored but it is a possibility.


Our boat is nice . We will swim everyday,we will do school everyday,we can do anything as long as we are on our beautiful boat. I love our boat. I wonder if are boat will last us the rest of are life. We have a great boat. I call the boat beautiful. We wish we were all on the water. Our boat is great. We love our boat.